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Consumers Lament Poor Quality Food Containers


Monday 29th January, 2018 –Complaints are beginning to mount over the poor quality of bio-degradable containers being used by some food vendors, which are leading to absorption and or leakage.

Food vendors are now required to use alternatives to Styrofoam, which was banned from use in Antigua. But consumers are now expressing concerns over the poor quality of some containers being used to hold food.

Environment Minister the Hon. Molwyn Joseph says what he has observed is that quality is being substituted for quantity, adding that importers of the products are more inclined to making a profit in whatever way they can.

Government has waived taxes that will otherwise apply to the importation of bio-degradable products.

Taking it a step further, the Central Marketing Corporation will import the containers to show there isn’t a major disparity between the new products and the banned item.

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