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Consumer Affairs Focuses on Misleading Signs

Wednesday 5th September, 2018-Officers from the Prices and Consumer Affairs Division will be focusing on traders throughout the country during the month of September, targeting what it says are misleading signs posted in business establishments.

In a statement, the division outlined that the initiative aims to remind traders that signs displayed in their establishments stating that items cannot be returned or there will be no refunds, should not mislead consumers about their legal rights.

The Prices and Consumer Affairs official does not anticipate resistance from traders, highlighting the good relationship that has existed over the years. She says the intention is for business owners to inform consumers that although the signs are posted, they have rights.

According to the division, signs suggesting NO REFUND or NO EXCHANGE are contrary to the Consumer Protection and Safety Act, Cap.97 of the Revised Laws of Antigua and Barbuda, 1992, which prohibits any trade practice that misleads or confuses consumers.


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