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Constitutional Reform Discussion will Move Ahead on Specific Matters

Thursday 8th November, 2018-Government has indicated it will proceed with certain aspects of Constitutional Reform after all, despite earlier indications that plans will be halted.

On Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Gaston Browne in a statement said “it is unlikely that my government will in the circumstances and in the absence of political maturity and magnanimity, pursue any further constitutional reform in the near future.”

But Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister, Ambassador Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst stated that following discussion in Cabinet on the outcome of Tuesday’s referendum. It was decided that they will move ahead with the discussion of constitutional reform, but it will not be extensive.

Hurst told reporters that retired CCJ President Sir Denis Byron will remain the Chairman of the Constitutional Review Committee and former Prime Minister Dr. Baldwin Spencer as deputy chairman. The chief of staff also noted that letters have been dispatched to several non-governmental organizations, requesting someone be appointed to serve on the committee.

The committee will address specific matters.

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