Closed Season for Queen Conch


Tuesday 2nd July, 2019-The Environmental Awareness Group is reminding residents that the closed season for Queen Conch is now in effect and will last until the end of August.

The Fisheries Regulations, 2013 made it illegal to fish for, take, place for sale, purchase or have in possession Queen Conch during the closed season.

Anyone found in breach of the regulation is subject to a fine of up to EC$50, 000.

Fishermen are asked to refrain from over fishing the island’s conch supply in the weeks ahead of the closed season as this defeats the purpose of the season.

The regulations also cover the protection of immature conch with a shell under 7 inches in size and these may not be harvested at any time of the year.

The law also protects other marine creatures such as lobsters, marine turtles, parrot fish, coral, cockles, whelk and sea eggs.

Closed seasons aim to combat over fishing by ensuring that local marine species can spawn, thereby sustaining the species.

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