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City West MP Focuses on Transforming Constituencies

Tuesday, 27th February, 2018 –  Prime Minister Gaston Browne has reminded his party’s supporters that every candidate running for elected office for the ABLP is there to serve and empower citizens and residents.

Speaking at the first major campaign meeting last evening since the election date was revealed, Mr. Browne admitted there may be many who may have had greater expectations of his government, but he said what they have accomplished in three and a half years, no other government has been able to do so.

The prime minister told the crowd that his government will be placing emphasis on constituency transformation, revealing plans for the construction of a community centre and poly clinic for St. John’s City West.

A rendition of the proposed facility has been mounted on billboards throughout the constituency.

The City West MP says the area has been neglected for years, but that will change.

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