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CIP Policy Board to Be Installed

Thursday 12th April, 2018 –A Policy Board will be installed shortly with responsibilities to ensure that the Citizenship by Investment Programme conforms to the broad policy guidelines outlined by the CIP law.

While the process is yet to be finalized, government says the board’s role will be integral to the integrity of the program, especially in times when it is being scrutinized.

Cabinet Spokesperson Melford Nicholas explains the creation of the board is not as a result of criticisms from some quarters on how the CIP funds are utilized, neither is it as a result of the contents of an 2018 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR), which outlines in part that “Antigua and Barbuda… operates a Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) that makes it susceptible to money laundering and other financial crimes”.

The make-up of the Policy Board is to be announced by Prime Minister Gaston Browne at the next sitting of Parliament.

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