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Christmas Barrel Programme Extended

Monday 7th January, 2019-Logistical issues encountered by importers and also at the Antigua Port Authority have resulted in an extension of the Christmas Barrel Programme.

The annual incentive began on 1st December, 2018 and was expected to last until 4th January, 2019. But according to Comptroller of Customs Raju Boddu, many barrels are yet to arrive, so an extension has been granted.

The Comptroller of Customs says there were no issues on their end during the period. However, storage capacity at the port caused a backlog and it is one of the reasons they must extend the Christmas Barrel Programme.

Under the initiative, residents are allowed to pack items of food, clothing and toiletries in their barrels or E-containers. Only one barrel/E-container is allowed per family.


Families are only required to pay the 10 percent Revenue Recovery Charge (RRC) on the value of the goods along with a $10 processing/handling fee.


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