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Charges Pending for Men Who Fired at Police in All Saints Secondary Cafeteria

Wednesday 12th December, 2018-Three men are expected to face a slew of charges after they were apprehended following a shootout last evening.

According to reports, a Special Security Services officer was on patrol at All Saints Secondary School, when the masked men were observed in the school’s cafeteria. The officer contacted the SSS Rapid Response Unit and the police.

Further reports indicate upon responding to the scene, the units were approaching the cafeteria when they were fired upon by the men.

The police responded with gunfire and subsequently caught two of the three men. The third was later apprehended.

Two guns were reportedly recovered and the 3 men were taken to All Saints Police station.

Countless break-ins have occurred at All Saints Secondary, which in some instances have led to damages to the school’s properties.

In 2016, a fire believed to be the work of arsonists, destroyed the school’s administrative wing and years of records in the process.

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