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Carnival Schedule Adjusted, Queen of Carnival Returns

Tuesday 29th January, 2019-Adjustments will be made to the 2019 carnival schedule to ensure that the cultural aspect of the festival is preserved.

Minister of Culture and National Festivals, the Hon. Daryl Matthew, while contributing to the 2019 budget debate today, acknowledged that the cultural aspect of Antigua’s carnival has declined. But they have devised a plan that will ensure that culture remains at the core of the annual summer festival.

It will involve a partnership with traditional mas troupes that are at risk of vanishing as carnival becomes more commercialized. The plan according to Minister Matthew is to lend assistance to them, as the Festivals’ Commission seeks to achieve its goal.

There is also a move to involve demographic groups, which have largely been absent from carnival.


Meantime, it was announced that Queen of Carnival will return this year to take up a spot on the annual summer festival’s calendar of events.

The popular competition was struck out, since there was a belief that it was not adequately preparing delegates for international pageants. As a result, the Ms. Antigua/Barbuda Pageant was introduced. But officials, including the minister responsible for festivals quickly realized that there were many people who not approve of the new format.

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