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Cabinet Spokesman Assures Students Not Affected by UWI Deregistering

Monday 5th November, 2018-Information Minister and Cabinet spokesman Melford Nicholas has given the assurance that it is unlikely Antiguans and Barbudans studying at UWI Mona were affected by the school’s recent deregistering exercise.

Approximately 800 new students of UWI’s Jamaica campus were deregistered last month for failing to pay their tuition fee or arranging a payment scheme.

Minister Nicholas says the relationship that exists between UWI and the government will ensure local students on scholarships are not barred.

He pointed to a recent presentation which gave no indication that students were included in the deregistering. However, if they are affected, then efforts will be made to deal with those issues as a matter of urgency.

Reports are the students were not allowed to sit their first set of exams for the academic year. Some of these mid-October exams account for up to 20 per cent of the students’ final grade.

This massive deregistration exercise came as the university’s administration, led by the recently appointed principal, Dale Webber, toughened its stance on the requirement for students to pay their tuition fees.

The UWI is insisting that the full fee for each semester be paid or students enter into a payment plan with the university.


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