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Friday, 9th February, 2018 – Cabinet has revealed a list of benefits Sir Vivian Richards will receive in his capacity as national hero.

It was recently made known that the cricketing legend despite his status does not benefit materially from the state.

With a promise to re-examine an offer made in 2014, Cabinet made the announcement that among the benefits will be a pension for Sir Viv. Ordinarily, Richards does not qualify for a pension, since he never held a traditional job that would require deductions to be made. As a result, it was revealed that Sir Viv will receive a monthly pension equal to the amount now paid to Ministers of state within the government.

Additionally, he will receive exemption of duties and other charges on the importation of personal items. He will be exempted from paying property taxes on homes he owns and where he resides.

Cabinet all announced that that Sir Viv will be allowed one duty-free car every seven years. If needed, he will be provided a driver and a home helper, both of whom will be paid by the Treasury.

Sir Viv is one of two living national heroes. Sir Lester Bird is the second person who has received the nation’s highest honour.

Sir Viv Richards who received the status in 2006, will also remain an ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda.


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