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Cabinet Examines Proposed Changes to Cannabis Bill

Tuesday 4th December, 2018-Two drafting experts from the Ministry of Legal Affairs, who attended the consultations held with the cannabis stakeholders, returned to Cabinet recently to report their findings and the stakeholders’ proposed changes to the Cannabis Bill 2018.

There are currently 16 pharmacies throughout Antigua and the experts proposed that there ought not to be a greater number of dispensaries.

The businesses that will actually stock and provide cannabis medicines to patients, possessing a prescription from a medical doctor, are called “dispensaries” in the law, not pharmacies.

The forms of the cannabis medicines will be in ointments, creams, pastes or oils; the products will have the precise quantities of the medicinal components that will allow the doctors to determine precisely how potent the application for each patient ought to be.  Thirteen illnesses are specified in the draft, and permission to add more is also granted to the medical authority so empowered.

The licenses that will be required at each stage of the production are listed in the draft law, and will be as many as ten. A license to cultivate, a license to transport, a license to dispense medicinal cannabis and even an infused product manufacturing license are among the ten.

A Cannabis Authority will be created under the law to manage the entire process. However, Cabinet will reserve the right to waive a license fee, which will be EC$100,000 for cultivation.


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