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Cabinet Discusses Medical Insurance

Thursday 4th April, 2019-Cabinet has given consideration to making medical insurance a requirement for all medical practitioners, so that patients who may be damaged due to negligent doctors can have coverage that will limit liability, but will assure patients of a source from which they can be compensated.

Late last year, Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment, the Hon. Molwyn Joseph underscored the importance of such coverage as he stressed that the time has come for there to be standards in patient care.

Medical insurance has again come to the fore following recent reports that have surfaced about three babies that allegedly suffered burns to the face and hands while they were patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.

Cabinet Spokesman, Information Minister the Hon. Melford Nicholas told reporters today the government has received some push back on the proposal, but added it must be advanced in the interest of citizens and residents.


According to Minister Nicholas, if the mechanism is not implemented, then the government will be saddled with the responsibility of providing compensation. He noted the move is to protect all stakeholders within the country’s medical system.

Medical Insurance, also known as Medical Malpractice Insurance in some countries is coverage that provides legal aid and protection if a medical professional were to be sued by a patient. This can take several forms. In some cases, this insurance coverage will provide monetary assistance for a doctor to hire a lawyer. In other instances, the insurance company will provide their own “in house” lawyers to represent the policyholder. It’s also common for malpractice insurance to pay some or the entire claim if the plaintiff’s lawsuit is successful.

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