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Broken Pipes Hampering Improvement in Water Supply

Wednesday 28th November, 2018-Broken mains within APUA’s network are preventing the utilities company from relaxing the water distribution schedule that has been in place for some time now.

Recent rainfalls have contributed significantly to the company’s water catchment facilities, but now that they are ready to improve the water supply, the Supervisor of Water Treatment Plants, Livingstone Samuel, speaking from Potworks Dam this morning said repairs are now their priority.

Samuel is giving the assurance that APUA is committed to easing the water rationing, which has caused great inconvenience to consumers across the island.

As for the company’s other catchment facilities concentrated in the Bendals Valley area, Livingstone Samuel told reporters that the five catchments are currently storing approximately 45 million gallons of water, which should result in water supply for the next seven months.

Reverse Osmosis Plants it was reported are working at 70% capacity.

As it relates to cleaning of the catchment facilities, the supervisor said it has been a while since they have done so, but he added that they must be cautious in any cleaning they wish to undertake.

APUA’s Supervisor of Water Treatment Plants, Livingstone Samuel.

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