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Both US And Venezuela Important to Antigua

Friday 9th February, 2018 – The government intends to tell the United States that both Venezuela and the U.S are important to Antigua and Barbuda should the North American country seeks support on the much talked about oil sanctions on Venezuela.

U.S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson traveled last week to Latin America to drum up support for the hard-line position the United States wants to take, to push President Nicolas Maduro to “return to democracy”.

Asked what Antigua and Barbuda’s position would be if the country is called upon to support the U.S, Information Minister said for Antigua and Barbuda, both states are important, particularly in trade and this country has no natural enemies.

Antigua and Barbuda along with many CARICOM states depend heavily on Venezuela for cheap oil during the special PETROCARIBE initiative.

CARICOM is yet to respond on the proposed sanction by the United States.

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