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Boost for Police Service in Crime Fight

Monday 29th January, 2018 –Prime Minister Gaston Browne has issued a stark warning to criminal elements in the country that the government will not “slacken their pursuit” to find and make them pay for their actions.

In his budget presentation, the prime minister revealed that government will put mechanisms in place to invest in police stations, provide additional equipment, and advanced weaponry for the Force to deliver the level of service that the population deserves.

He stated one way to send a clear signal that government’s position on crime is absolutely zero tolerance, is to increase the number of trained and armed law enforcement officers who will pursue those who are committed to a life of crime.

There is a commitment to improving the effectiveness of judicial and custodial systems. It was also announced that government will accelerate plans to construct and operate a forensics laboratory, in order for critical forensic examinations to be conducted locally.

Prime Minister Browne noted the importance of tackling social issues, adding while priority is being placed on crime fighting strategies, identifying and confronting social conditions are equally important.

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