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BoE Lawyer Displeased With Industrial Court Decision

Wednesday 19th September, 2018-One of the lead Counsels for the Board of Education has expressed disappointment in a judgment handed down today by the Industrial Court, in a matter involving former Executive Secretary of the Board of Education, D. Gisele Isaac.

The core of the matter that was before the court was who is the Executive Secretary’s employer, the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda, or the Board of Education?

Today, Industrial Court President, Charlesworth Browne ruled it was the Board of Education who is the employer and not the Cabinet as the Board’s lawyers had argued.

Speaking after the judgment, Attorney Dr. David Dorsett in addition to expressing disappointment in the judgment, criticized the length of time it took before the decision was handed down.

He says they will now consult with their clients on the way forward.

Gisele Isaac was suspended from the BoE on July 18 2014. At the end of her suspension, she returned to work, but changes were made in her absence, including new locks to her office, which prevented her from entering.

The former executive secretary subsequently moved to the court on the basis that the Minister of Education did not have the right to instruct her, as he claimed; that Natural Justice was not followed in that she was not allowed a hearing in the investigation that followed her suspension.

Dr. Dorsett maintains that based on the Board of Education Act, it is the Cabinet that is responsible for employing the Executive Secretary.

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