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Clinton Wants Cooperation in Assisting Hurricane Hit Countries

Tuesday 3rd April, 2018 – Former U.S President Bill Clinton says simultaneous disasters in the United States and the Caribbean have resulted in the U.S contributing less to the islands that were devastated by hurricanes last year.

Speaking at the launch of a Global Initiative Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery in the Caribbean at the University of Miami, Clinton says if it is one country that has suffered then contributions are certain, referencing Haiti’s earthquake in 2010, but he noted there is difficulty when the United States also is being affected by severe weather conditions.

The Clinton Foundation’s intention is to secure immediate and long-term aid to Caribbean islands that were devastated by catastrophic Hurricanes Irma and Maria last year.

The meeting at the University of Miami aimed to secure a commitment to action on health care, housing, clean energy education and climate resiliency in the region.

The former president while addressing business leaders and government and non-governmental organizations underscored the importance of cooperation in assisting hurricane ravaged countries get back on a sound footing.


Former U.S President, Bill Clinton

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