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Beating of Youngster Caught on Tape Sparks Protest

Tuesday 26th February, 2019-Several family members of a young man seen in a video being beaten by his stepfather stood outside a church last Sunday denouncing the abuse.

We first told you about the incident earlier this month.

The video, just over 30 seconds in duration, shows a man who appears enraged ordering the young man to hold on to a tree in a back yard. The man can be heard saying he is the one that works, before striking the youngster with a piece of wood that is approximately two feet long and punching him in the face.

The incident reportedly took place in Freemans Village and the young man who from reports is believed to be about 16 years old, is seen pleading for the man said to be his stepfather not to hit him.

The video was shot by someone in a nearby house and is quite disturbing to viewers. It went viral and has since been viewed thousands of times on Facebook.


It has incensed several family members who held placards last Sunday outside the Zion Church in Freemans Village, condemning what they described as child abuse. They were outside the place of worship, since according to reports, the stepfather and the child’s mother are members of the church. Some relatives are also accusing the church’s pastor of attempting to cover up the incident.

Unconfirmed reports are the child was being disciplined for being suspended from school.

According to one relative, the police are yet to become involved in the matter.

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