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Barbuda Council Refuses To Sell Sand To Government

Friday 8th June, 2018 –The Barbuda Council is reportedly refusing to sell sand to the Antiguan Governmen forcing it to purchase the aggregate from neighbouring Montserrat.

Minister Daryl Matthew brought the matter to light on Thursday during the weekly Post-Cabinet Press Briefing, where he told reporters that although the Council has made it known that sand mining will be stopped and despite its refusal to sell to the government; it appears that business is continuing outside of the country.

The barge of sand purchased from Monstserrat reportedly cost the government approximately $ 200,000.

This development is sure to cause a further strain in the relationship between the Barbuda Council and Central Government. The sourcing of sand from overseas will prove costly to the government as they continue the road rehabilitation programme. But is there anything that can be done from a legal perspective on the Council’s decision not to conduct business with the government?

Minister Daryl Matthew.

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