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Barbuda Council PRO Agrees With ABEC Decision

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Wednesday 28th February, 2018 – Two Barbudans are supporting the decision of the Electoral Commission to have eligible residents of the sister isle vote in Antigua on Election Day.

Speaking on state television on Sunday, ABEC Chairman Nathaniel James who describes the circumstances in Barbuda as “abnormal” says the commission spent long periods mulling over the idea, adding that the agreement reached is in the best interest of everyone involved.

Now the Public Relations Officer for the Barbuda Council is agreeing with that position. Speaking on state television last evening, Orlando Morris says with the majority of Barbudans domiciled in Antigua, giving them the opportunity to exercise their franchise here is in his opinion the most suitable thing to do.

The Electoral Commission’s announcement is not favoured by every Barbudan. An online petition is being circulated calling for Barbudans to be given the right to cast their ballots on the sister isle when the time comes around.

While he endorses residents’ rights to object to certain issues, Morris believes it wouldn’t make much of a difference whether the ballots are cast on the mainland or on Barbuda.

Meantime, Senator Adrian Lee believes the push by some to who are demanding that Barbudans vote on the sister isle is strictly political.

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