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Barbuda Airport Project Moves at Slow Pace

Wednesday 17th October, 2018-Work continues on the Barbuda Airport Project, but not at the pace government is expecting.

Justice Rosalyn Wilkinson ruled in favour of John Mussington and Jacklyn Frank on August 2nd, 2018, granting an injunction that stopped work on the sister isle.

The duo, reportedly acting on behalf of the people of Barbuda, petitioned the court to halt the airport construction, claiming that the work being carried out was causing major damage to the island’s wildlife and eco-system.

However, work resumed after the Appeals Court lifted the injunction. But as Prime Minister Gaston Browne explains, it isn’t at the level it was being carried out, before the injunction was granted.

Government says millions of dollars were lost as a result of the work stoppage. As to recouping the monies, the prime minister insists if the Barbudans continue in their quest to derail the project, his government will have no other choice but to go after them.

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