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The name Selomie means peace; and no word better describes Victoria Selomie Rhodes more than  peace. Known to many as Aunt Selma, she was born in the village of Liberta, Antigua to Charles and  Mary Rhodes on February 12th, 1920. 

At the tender age of three, she and her only sibling, Rueben, who was then five, became orphans.  Although they went to live with relatives in the village of Sweets, life for them was not easy. As a  result, they developed a deep and lasting bond and always looked out for each other. Like her big  brother was, she is a quiet person but of very strong will and morals. 

She also learnt to trust God from small and up to today the Holy Scripture has remained her guide. As a  member of the St. John’s Seventh Day Adventist Church, she has served as Choir Member, Deaconess  and Bible Worker. She certainly set an example for many members of the Rhodes Family who continue  to sing, serve and teach in their respective Church congregations.

The Photos in this story are NOT recently taken photos 

As a career she worked in the Government Treasury and for some time at Blue Waters Hotel, always  being diligent and honest. 

Despite her small physical stature, she can put away food. Her favorites are Fungi and Fish and Veggie  Soup. And she loved the occasional Bryson Sweet Drinks. 

When it comes to colour, no one can rock Pink quite like her. And with a mild hint of vanity, you  cannot take her photo without her wearing her pink sunglasses and her “good wig”. 

Aunt Selma loves and is very involved with her family that includes one daughter, one granddaughter,  one grandson -in – law, two grandchildren and over two hundred nieces, nephews among others.  However, she is guarding her independence even in the United Nations of Rhodes. This is  demonstrated by her walking all kind of back roads from Fort Road to Nevis Street, even well into her  mid-nineties, so that the Church Bus would not pick her up. 

The guiding principle in Aunt Selma’s life remains “Put God First in All Things”.

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