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Attorney General in Trinidad to Discuss UWI

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Thursday 25th April, 2019-Attorney General the Hon. Steadroy Benjamin departed the island today for Trinidad for a meeting with the General Council of  the University of West Indies.

The Antiguan contingent that will also include Minister of Education, Science and Technology, the Hon. Michael Browne and other technicians will hold discussions on the fourth landed campus of the regional university, which is scheduled to open in September, 2019. The Accreditation Council of UWI is expected to approve the Antigua campus shortly.

A task force was established that examined and determined the readiness of the country in housing the fourth landed campus which would be the first in the OECS. It had been argued that the OECS member states had been under served by the University of the West Indies despite its best effort to make available tertiary education to all persons in the lesser developed countries who desire to pursue higher education. It is predicted that the UWI’s newest campus would fill that void and create opportunities for all people desirous of pursuing tertiary education in these parts.

The attorney general is expected to present together with the Minister of Education, Antigua and Barbuda case for housing the fourth landed campus.

The Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor and the UWI Technical Team have all agreed to support Antigua and Barbuda’s bid to establish the baccalaureate-issuing university here it was noted. The government will raise $15 million dollars annually to support the Fourth Campus. A system of taxes and special programs have already been set in place, and several donors have signaled their willingness to contribute towards its success government has revealed.

Approximately 2,000 students are expected to enroll in the first semester at the UWI’s Five Island Campus.

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