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AT&LU President Suggests Diverting Funds for Renovations Should be Balanced

Tuesday 9th April, 2019-The President of one of the country’s trade unions is expressing concern that the recent focus being placed on refurbishing buildings housing government departments may place other matters of equal importance on the back burner.

Recently, a maintenance unit was formed within the Ministry of Works that will be responsible for effecting repairs on public buildings and other places housing departments of government, as employees continue to highlight unsuitable working conditions.

But while President of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union, Ambassador Wigley George agrees conditions must be conducive for workers, he is concerned that the emphasis being placed by the government in repairs, can place a strain on the Treasury and other important matters risk being pushed aside.


The AT&LU president believes there should be dialogue on how they can collectively manage some of the domestic issues facing the government.

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