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AT&LU Did Not Sanction ABS Strike?

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Tuesday 22nd January, 2019-Recent strike action by employees of State Radio and Television may not have been sanctioned by the union that represents their cause the AT&LU.

That’s the position of the Minister who has direct responsibility for Antigua /Barbuda Broadcasting Service (ABS).

In late December, some employees walked off the job in protest of several issues that were of concern. They included the treatment meted out to them by management; outstanding overtime and unsuitable working conditions, for which they were seeking redress.

With employees, the AT&LU and ABS’ management awaiting a Labour Department report following discussions, Minister Melford Nicholas believes the employees’ industrial action may have been illegal. Speaking on Talking Point this morning, Nicholas said there isn’t a single position from the union on the matter and he may be inclined to believe the words of senior officials in the AT&LU.

The minister is predicting continuous friction between management, employees and the union until it is understood that there is a grievance handling procedure that must be adhered to as outlined in the collective agreement.

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