Asot Michael Outraged Over Viral Video


Monday 3rd June, 2019-St. Peter Member of Parliament Asot Michael has expressed outrage over a social media video showing an elderly woman screaming, while another female is exercising her legs.

The video which began circulating last week has sparked fury among sections of the public who have described it as a clear case of abuse, while some citizens, though admitting the exercise was a bit strenuous, do not believe the woman was abusing the senior citizen.

But M.P Asot Michael says he is shocked at what he saw and wants the police to become involved.

In a social media post, the former government minister identified the elderly woman as Annette Simon, one of his constituents. According to Michael, Simon broke her hip a few months ago. He posted that he personally appealed to The Ministry of Social Improvement to get someone from the Home Help Programme to take care of the elderly woman.

The St. Peter M.P expressed disgust, adding that he is “hurt to the core and in utter shock to view the abominable video.” He expressed that what the caregiver has done to Simon is wicked, unconscionable and ungodly. Not only the Ministry officials should immediately investigate the matter, but the police ought to be also involved as it might prove to be of criminal motive given the caregiver’s utterances to the senior citizen.

Mr. Michael says “something must be done immediately about the most atrocious incident to an ill, elderly woman who is already in pain from a broken hip.”

He noted that now to inflict more pain is unbelievable.

The M.P wants the matter to be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.


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