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Appeal Denied for Convicted Murderer

Tuesday 13th February, 2018 – Convicted murderer Attley Alexander who appealed his sentence at the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court has had his petition dismissed.

The court which is currently hearing appeals in Antigua this week dismissed his appeal when it came up for hearing on Monday.

Attley Alexander has been given a life sentence and may be eligible for release after he has served 42 years in prison, with time on remand. He was convicted of murdering Jacqueline Simon in 1997 and also two of her daughters by burning the house they occupied.  Simon who once shared an abusive relationship with Alexander was also pregnant when she was burnt to death.

Attley was sentenced to death in 2000 but was granted a stay of execution by the Privy Council who deemed his sentence unconstitutional.

He was subsequently re-sentenced to life by High Court Justice Darshan Rhamdani.

He moved to the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal to challenge his sentencing, but yesterday, the justices denied his appeal. He returned to Her Majesty’s Prison to continue serving his time.



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