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Antigua and Guadeloupe Forge Closer Cultural Links

Wednesday 7th February, 2018 – The Festivals’ Commission is sending a six member delegation to Guadeloupe as part of continuing efforts to promote cooperation between the two countries in tourism, sports, culture and carnival.

Marketing Director and head of the delegation, Roger Perry says the delegation will take advantage of the opportunity to expose Antigua and Barbuda’s carnival extensively in the French territory, through traditional media outlets, as well as through social media platforms.

He says their Guadeloupe hosts will provide the delegation with VIP access to the jury zone of the Pointe à Pitre carnival parade to distribute brochures and promotional material on that occasion. Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism product will also be highlighted at one of the French department’s biggest mas camps, La Pwem La Mas, to allow for interaction with a massive crowd of hundreds of thousands of people and distribution of brochures to sell the destination.

According to Perry, the primary objective of the ABFC’S marketing strategy is to enhance the carnival product and to internationalize the brand by turning it into an attraction that will encourage greater awareness and participation by tourists. An added benefit, he noted, is the opportunity to market Antigua and Barbuda not just to Guadeloupians, but to the thousands of visitors that the island’s carnival attracts from other parts of the French Caribbean and mainland France as well.

The delegation, which will include a representative from the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, will depart on Thursday for the one-week visit to the French Overseas territory

The promotional strategy is in preparation for Antigua carnival 2018, which will run from July 27th to August 7th.


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