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All Saints Court to be Re-located

Wednesday 20th March, 2019-There is word that the All Saints Magistrate’s Court is to be relocated to Herberts at the headquarters of the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board.

The move will be temporary according to reports, in order for repairs to be affected to the court that is located in the building that houses the All Saints Police Station.

Matters in District B that includes Bolans and Parham are heard at that court. The move is expected to take place sometime in April.

It is unclear when repairs will begin and how long it will take.


Meantime, there are also reports that plans for the relocation of St. John’s Magistrates’ Court have changed. A decision was taken by officials to move the court to the Transport Board Headquarters in order for repair work to be undertaken at the building located on High and Temple Streets. A source revealed the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court will now be housed temporarily in a section of the sporting complex recently constructed by the Chinese at Knuckle Block in Grays Farm.

Several weeks ago the building was reportedly assessed by officials including Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh, when it was agreed that an area will be retrofitted to accommodate the court. A holding area for prisoners was also identified and it is expected to be modified to suit the purpose for which it is intended.

Government officials are yet to confirm the moves.


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