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Airport Operations Not Affected by Vehicle Slamming into Terminal

Wednesday 23rd January, 2019-Operations at V.C Bird International Airport were not affected this morning when a sports utility vehicle jumped the curb and slammed into the front of the terminal.

A woman was driving the vehicle when the accident took place.

Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority’s CEO, Stanley Smith, details what transpired this morning.

Cladding is used to cover the columns. Mr. Smith said there is no damage to the building’s structure.


He told POINTE FM’s Nightly News the accident did not hamper the operations at V.C Bird International Airport.

The area impacted by the crash was secured and an assessment of the damage was carried out. However, the Airport Authority’s CEO could not say when repair work will begin, adding that discussion will be held later.

As for the driver, she reportedly did not sustain injuries, but requested to be taken to Mount St. John’s Medical Centre for examination.

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