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Agreement Signed for Port Equipment from Chinese

Friday 9th November, 2018-The Governments of Antigua and Barbuda and the People’s Republic of China have signed an agreement that will result in the Chinese donating equipment critical to the operations of the Antigua Port Authority.

The equipment are valued at approximately US $ 6 million and will include a vehicle-mounted mobile container inspection system, an X-ray inspection  system, a radioactive substance detection system, baggage inspection systems, portable trace explosive/drugs detectors, and hand-held metal detectors.

The agreement was signed this morning by Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne and Chinese Ambassador, His Excellency Wang Xianmin during a ceremony at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Jason Roberts is Chief of Security at the Port. He welcomes the donation, which he stated will further assist in continuing to provide a high level of security at Deep Water Harbour.

Mr. Roberts underscored the importance of frequent upgrades to the security programme. He believes it is crucial to stay ahead of those who are on a mission to breach the system.

Technical service and training will also be provided by the Chinese.

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