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AG to Act Swiftly on Recommendations of Prison Boss Following Suicide at HMP

Tuesday 25th September, 2018-Attorney General the Hon. Steadroy Benjamin has described the death of prison inmate Cordayro Joseph as most unfortunate, and is assuring that there will be full disclosure on completion of an investigation.

The 27 year-old inmate who was serving time for murder, was discovered hanging in his cell in the Maximum Security section of the prison on Monday, after requesting to return to his cell to use the pail.

The CID has begun an investigation and the Attorney General says he hopes such an unfortunate incident will not happen again.

On Monday, Prison Superintendent, Deputy Commissioner Albert Wade said Joseph’s issue could have possibly been highlighted if there was adequate staffing, making specific reference to counselors. He noted that currently, there is only one counselor for 399 inmates.

The AG is giving the assurance that he is prepared to act swiftly on the recommendations he is expecting from the head of the prison.

Currently, the prison, constructed in the year 1735, is inadequate for the number of inmates housed there. However, Minister Benjamin says the issue is being addressed and a new penal institution will begin taking shape next year.

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