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AG: CCJ Involved in Fixing Lower Court Issues

Wednesday 12th September, 2018 –Attorney General the Hon. Steadroy Benjamin has rebuffed suggestions that issues plaguing the lower courts should be addressed before Antigua and Barbuda votes on whether to adopt the Caribbean Court of Justice and this country’s final court of appeal.

Wrapping up debate on the Antigua/Barbuda Constitutional Amendment Bill 2018, the minister of legal affairs said the CCJ has been directly involved in rectifying the issues in the lower courts in Antigua and Barbuda to make it easier for people to have access to justice.

Questions have been raised about the independence of the CJJ in the administration of justice and whether political interference will overshadow its integrity. Addressing those concerns, the attorney general said there is no question in his mid that the court won’t be able to stand on its own, adding that every main area of the law was dealt with.

Minister Benjamin told the House of Representatives on Tuesday that the prime minister had instructed that the Opposition United Progressive Party recommend an individual within their ranks that will serve as Vice Chairman of the Constitutional Reform Committee.

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