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ABLP Prepares to Launch Manifesto

Thursday 1st March, 2018 – The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) will launch its manifesto for the March 21 general elections on Friday, March 2 at the Multi-purpose Centre at Perry Bay.

The Manifesto, entitled Agenda 2023 and Beyond, lays out the ABLP’s detailed plans for the next five years as well as the foundations it will build for the future.

Leading business persons, senior public servants, heads of statutory corporations, the diplomatic community and the media have been invited to the launch which starts at 10 am.

A statement from the party outlines that the entire ceremony will be streamed live on the Internet and will be available world-wide.  It can be seen at: ablpantigua.com

Party Chairman, E P Chet Greene says that, “The Manifesto is the most comprehensive and detailed plan ever laid out by a political party with costings of every project and clear indications of the source of financing”.   He declared, “Nothing in their manifesto is an empty promise; none of it is electioneering.   Agenda 2023 and Beyond he stated is a blue print for action”.

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