Friday, 16th February, 2018 – The findings of a recently commissioned CADRES poll has found that if an election was to be held now, the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party will retain governance of the country.

The CADRES poll was conducted two weeks ago in all constituencies on Antigua, with close to 1000 participants involved.

Director of CADRES, Peter Wickham, speaking on Talking Point on Friday, revealed that the results show support for the ABLP remains strong.

The participants were also polled on the preference for prime minister, with the results reflecting that half of the one thousand persons favouring Prime Minister Gaston Browne, while 26 percent would prefer United Progressive Party Leader, Senator Harold Lovell to become head of government. DNA leader Joanne Massiah is favoured by 10 percent of those polled and Opposition Leader the Hon. Baldwin Spencer, 4 percent.

The political scientist says his findings of the two main political parties show a marginal decline in support for the UPP and a marginal increase for the ABLP.

The poll has a 5 percent margin of error according to Peter Wickham, meaning the estimate of 55 percent for the ABLP can be as low as 50 percent, or as high as 60 percent, while for the United Progressive Party, the 38 percent can decrease or increase  by 5 percent.

The economic outlook and crime were concerns for those who participated in the CADRES poll.

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