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ABLP Code of Ethics Made Public

by Pointe FM'S Editor

Wednesday 6th June, 2018 –The Gaston Browne administration has released its Code of Ethics by which ABLP officials must adhere to.

The rules were adopted by way of resolution in 2012 in order to promote good governance in the best interest of all citizens.

In part,  the objectives of the Code of Ethics to foster confidence in the ALP by ensuring that elected and appointed parliamentarians and other officials of The Party serve the interests of the people whom they represent, and suspend pursuit of their own material and other interests during their term in office and to guide and direct the members of The Party by ensuring that there is strict adherence to a set of standards that will cause all registered voters to maintain confidence and faith in the ethical behaviour of the Party’s parliamentary leaders and officials, and in the other members of the Party.

Among the rules are:

Each member of The Party shall uphold the Antigua and Barbuda Constitution Order 1981, the laws of Antigua and Barbuda, and this Constitution of the ALP.

Any member of The Party who is convicted on indictment by a Court of competent jurisdiction of theft, fraud or other such crime involving dishonesty, or a crime of moral turpitude, shall submit to The Party’s Tribunal all transcripts of his/her trial and appeals; the Party Tribunal shall determine there from, following a fair hearing, whether the member, if he/she wishes to be a Party official or a candidate, is suitable, and the decision of the Party Tribunal shall be ratified by the Central Executive within fourteen days.

Each member of The Party shall abide by the Integrity In Public Life Act 2004 and The Prevention of Corruption Act 2004 and shall not accept any gift that exceeds five hundred dollars in value except under the rules permitting in the law.


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