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ABEC Working Overtime Ahead of Elections

Wednesday 14th March, 2018 – Antiguans and Barbudans will go to the poll to elect a new government exactly one week from today.

With 21st March fast approaching, all political parties are in the homestretch of campaigning and making final pitches to the electorate in hopes of securing their votes.

The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission plays a major role in general elections. Their task is to ensure the process is executed in a seamless manner and in accordance with law.

Our News Department checked in with the Commission today. Public Relations Officer, Elisa Graham says ABEC is in overdrive, ensuring that everything is in place ahead of next Wednesday.

Graham is reminding electors of the strict regulations that will be in place next Wednesday once polling begins at 6 a.m. she is cautioning that if persons are found in violation of the regulations, they may miss out on the opportunity to cast their ballots.

ABEC says it is also working to ensure that those qualified to vote will be able to do so in a timely manner, eliminating long queues.


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