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ABEC Reports Smooth Nomination Process

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Monday 5th March, 2018 –The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission is reporting a smooth Nomination Day in Antigua and Barbuda.

ABEC’s Public Relations Officer, Elisa Graham says from all indications the day has been free of incidents and delays. She told our newsroom while it is yet too early to determine whether all parties completed the process, for ABEC’s part, all officers were in place for the 8 am opening of venues.

For some candidates it is their first attempt at securing a seat in the House of Representatives, while for others it is yet another try, with the hope that this time around they will be successful. One such person is the ABLP’s candidate for the St. Phillip’s South constituency, Lennox Weston. He’s hoping this time; he will secure the win for his party.

For the United Progressive Party, the majority of its candidates are newcomers. But for their leader Harold Lovell, it is a greater task. He will be seeking to hopefully regain control of the seat he lost in 2014 to the ABLP’s Melford Nicholas. Lovell had to settle for a seat on his party’s side in the Senate. He’ll be hoping his fortunes will turn around and he will not only win his seat, but lead his party to victory.

The UPP political leader was nominated at Princess Margaret School this morning.

The high cost of living, employment creation and crime are what Mr. Lovell says his party plans to tackle with urgency, should they be elected to office.

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has emerged since its creation following the expulsion of its leader Joanne Massiah from the United Progressive party.

The party also participated in today’s nomination, where thirteen of its candidates are expected to contest the general election.

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