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ABEC Reiterates It is Working in Barbuda’s Interest

Thursday 15th March, 2018 –There is reaction to Justice Clare Henry’s decision which was handed down on Thursday in favour of the Electoral Commission.

ABEC Chairman Nathaniel ‘Paddy’ James has maintained that due to the special circumstances that exist in Barbuda, making provisions for residents of the sister isle to exercise their right to vote in Antigua was in the best interest of everyone.

He spoke outside the courthouse following the decision and maintained that position.

More than 200 Barbudans traverse between Antigua and Barbuda and the ABEC chairman says provisions will be in place to accommodate everyone, even those overseas who will be eligible to vote.

While both sides awaited the judge’s decision, the Electoral Commission continued putting mechanisms in place to have Barbudans cast their ballots in Antigua.

Supervisor of Elections, Lorna Simon says they will continue to do that which they had begun and also to inform Barbudans currently on the sister isle of the plans to transport them.

Supervisor of Elections Lorna Simon.

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