Cultural Enthusiast Vaughn Walter Dies



Reports have confirmed that Director of Culture Vaughn Walter has died.

He allegedly fell ill earlier this evening and was rushed to hospital, where he passed away.

For decades, Mr. Walter, who was also known as the “Vagabond” was a prominent figure in Antigua and Barbuda’s carnival and culture in general, coining the popular phrase, “Yu haffu come man, You haffu come!”

He was born into a political family, with his father Sir George Walter becoming Antigua and Barbuda’s second premier. He was also known for his role in national politics.

In 2012, Vaughn Walter received an M.B.E as part of the Queen’s New Year’s Honour, for services to cultural arts.

At the time of his passing, he was heading the CARIFESTA Secretariat, in preparation for Antigua and Barbuda’s hosting of the event in 2021. He was also part of the country’s delegation to Trinidad and Tobago’s hosting of the Caribbean Festival of Arts, a few months ago.

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  1. margaret williams says

    May he find a resting place. He was my very good friend.

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