1. Antigua…Best Country in the WORLD. Check out the following…:
    1. Best Medical Facility in the OECS (MSJ)
    2. Among the fastest growing economies in not only just the region, also the World
    3. Tourism numbers breaking records
    4. A&B has been on no blacklist unlike many of our regional counterparts
    5. University of A&B
    6. Best regulated CIP program in the OECS region (most transparent program)
    7. Our HDI scores continue to increase during this administration tenure
    8. Nation at the forefront for reparatory justice
    9. Leading in the region when it comes to reducing the use of plastics.
    10. 33 ranking in the rule of law report (2019), which places us ahead of your USA :

  2. Commrupert mann December 14, 2019 at 5:34 am

    There are sooooo many wonderful things are happening in Antigua . When I listened to D.GISEL ISAAC on the radio station on December 13 2019. This Lady sounds so BITTER . When I heard Her on the radio I could not believe what She uttered from Her mouth. She said that there is nothing good happening in Antigua. I am so disappointed in this Lady …When You hear that Antigua has the fastest GDP growth and She can come on the radio and announce that nothing good happening in Antigua.First thing come to mind that She is a very very BITTER Person. D.Gisel Isaac should apologise to Antiguans and Barbudans. Now We know why the UPP would never be elected in Antigua AGAIN. SHAME on D.Gisel Isaac.


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