Prime Minister Gaston Browne Calls for Unity on Independence Day


The inheritance of resilience, patriotism, national pride and civic pride created the central theme for Prime Minister’s Browne 2019 National Heroes Day Message. PM Browne commenced his address by recognizing Antigua and Barbuda’s national heroes and explained the magnitude of their contribution to national development.  “Today, we celebrate the contributions of six transcendent heroes, just like our forebears over many centuries, these individuals would have inherited many values, significant values which they themselves applied towards nation-building,” Prime Minister Gaston Browne said.

Prime Minister Hon. Gaston Browne

Remarking on the current developmental progress of Antigua and Barbuda, PM Browne cautioned those who may try to underminethe contribution of those in the Civil Service, especially nurses, doctors, teachers, and the police. “I say to all of you, we value your contribution and we encourage you to continue to contribute to nation-building because, ultimately, it is your contribution that would have kept this country afloat,” Prime Minister declared.

Focusing on the importance of unification, PM Browne spoke openly about the differences in political affiliations and called for togetherness and respect leading up to the country’s independence.

“There will always be political differences, but political differences should not cause us to tear down our country. Political differences should not cause us to disrespect our independence. And, I call upon those who call themselves faithful nationalsto respect our country’s independence. I say to them that the week of our independence cannot be an appropriate time for protestation. I say to them that protests during our country’s independence constitute an unfaithful act that is disrespectful. I say to them that they ought to join us, come November 1st. They should show their loyaltyto the state and join us in celebrating our 38th anniversary of independence.”

The Prime Minister also called for the National Heroes Day to become a National Holiday. Noting the importance of celebrating those who have paved the path for national development.

Civic pride through cleanliness, community development, and collective responsibilitywere also among the call for action Prime Minister Browne highlighted in his address.

In closing, the Prime Minister reiterated his call for unity moving forward, more specifically, unity on Independence Day. “I call for camaraderie, not for division. I call for the upliftment of this country not to tear down our country.  I call for unity and I call for the collective efforts of all Antiguans and Barbudans,” Browne ended.


  1. A very meaningful message from Prime Minister Browne, I just say, please don’t loose what Europe is loosing gradually and in some cases has lost already, perhaps. We so often don’t respect those that laid down their lives for what we have today, freedom! We should all feel very lucky not to have lived through a world war, loosing our children, family and friends through the destruction of greedy people who then want to take to control with their ideology and dictatorship. Power corrupts and we must all steep back from this and show our total respect for love and respect on our very short journey on this planet, because one thing is a certainty we are all going to die one day and we should all just take one step back and ask ourselves what have we left behind when that day comes, if its just a bank full of money, what a sad life we must have lived!


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