Mother of Latest Murder Victim Speaks Out

Carrisa Chandler

Thursday 6th June, 2019-The mother of the country’s second murder victim for 2019 is expressing appreciation to those who have and are continuing to offer kind sentiments and best wishes in her time of grief.

Cathy Daley in a social media posted; “It has been a very difficult and dark time for my family and I but your words mean a lot to us.”

In her post, she is admonishing “all young people to be careful of the person(s) you let into your heart and life. Trust your gut instincts; they’re usually right.”

She encouraged children to “Listen to your parents and make sense of what they say,” adding “their words usually come from a place of love and for your benefit! Give yourself time to ponder WHY they are advising you and then make your decision.”

Carrisa Chandler, 30 yrs old of New Winthropes was pronounced dead by a medical doctor at Mount St John Medical Center, shortly after she was allegedly shot by her boyfriend, 44yr-old Tedson Knowles of the same address, around 4am on Thursday, 23rd May, 2019.

Knowles was subsequently charged with murder.

The victim’s mother pleaded for persons not to be “too hasty to embrace the teller of sweet words,” noting predators come in all forms.



  1. Loosing a child through illness is dreadful, having a child murdered is totally tragic. In the UK until about May this year 94 people were stabbed to death on the streets of the UK, plus those innocently killed by hand guns. We watch in dismay at the mass shootings that happen now around the globe. Whether drug orientated or social issues, it gives no human the take the life of another through uncontrollable aggression . Respect is a true virtue that must be at altimes respected, with no respect the world can not function with a meaningful conscience. If we have and show respect for life, others and animals this world and Antigua will flourish. My shared sadness goes out to Cathy Daley and her family.


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