Cable & Wireless Accused of Multi-National Exploitation


Wednesday 12th December, 2018-Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne has taken aim at telecommunications company Cable and Wireless calling for the region to compel such entities to change the way they transact business.

Debating the amendment to the Banking Act of 2015, the Minister of Finance, Corporate Government and Public/Private Partnership said an exploitative model exists among multi-national companies in the country and it is keeping countries like Antigua and Barbuda in a state of underdevelopment.

The prime minister stated he is not opposed to multi-national companies making and repatriating profits, but what he takes issue with is companies such as Cable and Wireless and their exploitative pricing.

Cable and Wireless Communications operate in Antigua and Barbuda and throughout the sub-region through their subsidiary FLOW.

Prime Minister Browne told the House of Representatives it was incumbent on his government to ensure Antigua and Barbuda is insulated from exploitation.