Video Claiming Price Gouging at Courts is From Saint Lucia


Wednesday 5th December, 2018-The Prices and Consumer Affairs Division is assuring the public that a YouTube video that is making the rounds on social media did not originate in Antigua.

The video is captioned: “Courts rob people on Black Friday must see.”

Prices and Consumer Affairs is reporting that the video, which alleges possible price gouging, was drawn to their attention last week and has been the source of much investigation. The department noted that from their findings, and from discussions held with Courts Antigua and Barbuda, they are satisfied that the video was not recorded in Antigua but at another of the store’s regional locations. Further, the Unicomer Group of which COURTS is a subsidiary, in a statement referred to the “video posted online showing a disparity in the price of washing machines at one of our branches in St Lucia.”

The Prices and Consumer Affairs Division says to date it has not receive any complaint about price gouging from consumers who are displeased about purchases made on Black Friday

The Division is assuring the public that it will continue its vigilance in an effort to protect consumers and should they find any evidence of unethical behavior by any trader in Antigua and Barbuda, they will not hesitate to deal with the perpetrator(s) in accordance with the law.