Request for More Money to Complete Housing Projects


Thursday 22nd November, 2018-First time home owners will have to wait a little while longer to move into their houses at Paynters and Denfields, as a new time line has been set in which all work relating to the housing projects will be completed.

Officials from the National Housing and Urban Renewal Company are seeking Cabinet’s approval of a request for more than $5 million dollars in order to complete the 310 homes at the two locations.

The delays are being blamed on “infrastructural shortcomings.”

Cabinet spokesperson, Information Minister Melford Nicholas explains while the majority of the work on the houses themselves is complete, lending agencies are not entirely satisfied.

In a previous update on the projects, government had indicated that the owners of the properties would have been able to move into their new spaces by this month. However, that timeline was revised to the first quarter of 2019.

The Ministry of Works is expected to play a greater role in seeing the work to completion. That is in addition to what is being undertaken by the National Housing and Urban Renewal Company.

The housing project began as the 500 homes programme, but due to the demand for affordable homes, focus was shifted.