Centenarian Passes Hours after Achieving Milestone


Monday 19th November, 2018-Antigua and Barbuda’s newest centenarian has died.

Mary Winspeare passed away this morning, hours after she turned 100 years old.

According to reports, while the family was putting the finishing touches on plans in observance of her milestone, Winspeare passed away.

Her family members though in mourning, decided to move ahead with the planned celebration, which included special guest Governor General, Sir Rodney Williams.

Happy Birthday was sung and there were speeches, all befitting a woman who had lived a long life.

The voices of Governor General, Sir Rodney Williams, the Hon. Jamale Pringle, Parliamentary Representative All Saints East and St. Luke and Delmaude Ryan, Montserrat’s Deputy Premier.

Mrs. Winspeare was born in neighbouring Montserrat.

The Ministry of Social Transformation is spearheading celebrations for the country’s centenarians who have birthdays in the months of November and December.

Rachael ‘Edith’ James Lloyd of Lightfoot Estate celebrated her 101st birthday on Sunday.