Bodies Found in St. Maarten Waters Identified as Antiguans

From L-R: Pedro Jerome Potter and Ozandee Benjamin

Thursday 15th November, 2018-The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda has confirmed that the bodies of two men found floating in St. Maarten waters are Antiguans.

Inspector Lester Bagot of STRATCOM says the men have been identified as citizens of Antigua, though he could not confirm whether law enforcement officials here are in contact with their St. Marten counterparts.

According to SXM Talks, the two bodies were fished out of Lucas Bay Oyster Pond on Tuesday and Wednesday and their names have been given as Pedro Jerome Potter a Government employee and Zandee Benjamin.

Reports are on Tuesday morning around 10:30 am Gendarmes were called to Lucas Bay Oyster Pond when a passerby noticed a body floating in the water. At the time, Colonel Sebastien Manzoni said that the person a male of probably Caribbean or Antillean decent may have died from drowning. However, on Wednesday afternoon the Gendarmes were called again to Lucas Bay to fish out another dead body.

Manzoni was quoted as saying they are seeking to determine the circumstances surrounding the death of the two men.