Reckless Sexual Activity Blamed for Rise in HIV


Friday 26th October, 2018-The Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment has reported to Cabinet that cases of HIV are on the rise due to reckless sexual activity on the part of the very young.

The Hon. Molwyn Joseph related that difficult access to condoms resulted in young boys and girls experimenting with unprotected sex and infecting partners.

According to Cabinet notes, the Cabinet considered several solutions to this challenging phenomenon, including examining the methodologies employed by similarly challenged countries. No decision was taken; rather, a discussion between the ministry of Health and Ministry of Education officials will be undertaken on the best methods to employ going forward to tackle this growing phenomenon.

The Aids Secretariat when contacted says it will not dispute the Minister’s statement. However, an official noted that what is of concern for them is that adults within their 40s and even in their 60s are contracting the virus, while for younger people, the number seems steady.

According to statistics from the AIDS Secretariat, from 1985 to 2017, a total of 1,238 people were diagnosed with HIV. Of that number, 656 were males and 582 females.

A total of 291 deaths are on record and 949 people are alive with the virus.